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About Us

History of our company

Elk Valley Bighorn Outfitters has been in operation for over thirty years, the integrity, work ethic, success and operation is of the highest standards.  In the 1983/84 season, the legendary Robert Fontana purchased two adjoining territories in the north end of the Elk River Valley.  For over twenty years, Bob, along with his wife Anna established a large, functional basecamp with a series of backcountry camps and cabins.  They cut miles and miles of trails providing horse access into the most wild and remote parts of the Elk Valley; their reputation for success, hunting experiences, and top class operation was felt around the world.  In 2004, Bob died in an unfortunate accident while hunting in Africa.  Anna continued to operate the business until 2016, when myself and wife Denise, along with great friend, Sam Medcalf purchased the business from her.


Going forward, we will continue to maintain the reputation of the area, while operating as two separate operations.  Denise and myself will operate out of the south end of the territory, while Sam runs the north.  Sheep and grizzly bear hunts will be done entirely together, so that we can take advantage of the entire territory.  Because of the diversity of the game we will run other species separately out of the two different areas, always keeping you, the client, as our number one priority.  Although the area has now changed hands everything is still run at the highest of standards.  The area, the guides, and the hunting are all first class with a commitment to excellence unrivaled.  It has, and always will be, a family run business, putting clients ahead of business.


Thanks Again,

-Ryan and Denise Damstrom-

About Denise, Ryan, and Hayden

Ryan, Denise and son Hayden Damstrom, have grown up in the heart of the mountains, with a passion for the outdoors, and a love for those who appreciate the country and the wildlife it has in it.  The guiding, camaraderie, the country, and the scenery is where we feel at home.

Ryan and Denise have been a major part of this operation for over thirteen years.  We have been outfitting it since 2009, and have run the day to day of it ever since.  Whether it was trail cutting and fishing trips in the summer, or guiding and working it in the fall, it has been a major part of their lives.  Ryan and Denise have passed this love of the wilderness along to their 12-year-old son, Hayden, and he too is now out there growing up in the outdoors.  Ryan has been guiding now for over twenty years, and each day out there feels like the first.  It never gets old, the country and wildlife remain, for him, remarkable.  With the purchase of this area, the dreams become reality.   The wild parts of nature need to remain wild, and our hunting privilege needs to be protected, this is what we want, this is who we are.


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